What Happened in Uganda? [pdf]   Hogle JA, Green E, Nantulya V, Stoneburner R, Stover J. The landmark report to USAID in 2002 describing the Ugandan HIV prevalence reduction success and the behavior change that had occurred

Teens and STDs: A New Message for a Healthy Millennium [pdf]  Kim K Dernovsek MD, 2003, originally published in the School Health Reporter

AIDS and the Churches: Getting the Story Right  Edward C. Green and Allison Herling Ruark published in First Things (April 2008) The director of the AIDS Prevention Research Project at the Harvard Center for Population and Development and his research fellow explain that what the churches are called to do by their theology turns out to be what works best in AIDS prevention.

Teens, Sex and the Dermatologist: Recognize your Role in Preventing the Spread of STDs [pdf]  Kim K Dernovsek MD (December 2004) Practical Dermatology article that describes how medical personnel can effectively reach teens during an office visit.

Address by Her Excellency Janet K. Museveni [pdf] First Lady of the Republic of Uganda at “Common Ground: A Shared Vision for Health” conference, hosted by the Medical Institute of Sexual Health, Washington DC, June 17-19, 2004.

Evidence That Demands Action: Comparing Risk Avoidance and Risk Reduction Strategies for HIV Prevention – Executive Summary [pdf]  Edward C. Green, PhD,  Rand L. Stoneburner, MD and Daniel Low-Beer, PhD, Norman Hearst, MD, MPH and Sanny Chen, MHS. This insightful monograph explores how the leadership in Uganda managed to do what no other nation has done — cut the HIV/AIDS seroprevalence rate by an incredible two-thirds.

Faith-based organizations: Contributions to HIV Prevention [.doc] Edward C. Green describes Uganda as having had “the most significant decline of HIV prevalence of any country in the world” in this 2003 USAID report regarding the role of faith-based organizations in the success against AIDS

Uganda: The Real ABC’s of an Epidemic By Matthew E. Bunson, Character over condoms, and the UN’s failure in combating the HIV/AIDS crisis

The Condom Report On June 12-13, 2000, four government agencies (U.S. Agency for International Development, Food and Drug Administration, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institutes of Health) responsible for condom research, condom regulation, condom use recommendations, and HIV/AIDS and STD prevention programs, co-sponsored a workshop to evaluate the published evidence establishing the effectiveness of latex male condoms in preventing HIV/AIDS and other STDS.

Pope Francis was right about condoms By Mary Rezac, An article addressing the condom vs. abstinence argument from a number of different angles