Jude Tadeo Walubo
National Coordinator, Uganda
Mr. Walubo is a graduate of Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda with a Bachelor of Arts in Education. While still an undergraduate, he volunteered with UCE (2004-2006) as student mobilizer. He designed and staffed the UCE exhibition at student functions and recruited other student volunteers. He effectively communicated the vision and purpose of UCE to many, including those of the Roman Catholic community, who then endorsed the UCE mission to bring the healthy message of abstinence and faithfulness in marriage to the youth of rural Uganda. He has worked with local and national youth organizations to plan and coordinate youth conferences at regional and national levels and mobilized and linked UCE to the National Aids Partnership Forum under the Uganda Aids Commission. He is dedicated to raising a generation of young people who will become men and women of good character, principle, and leaders for life.

Vasco Kura
Church of Uganda Liason
Vasco Kura is the Provincial Education Coordinator and UCE-Church of Uganda (COU) Liaison officer and was very instrumental in formulating and solidifying the UCE-COU Partnership. He is a senior educator with a passion of modeling youths into God fearing citizens who are also pure in thoughts and actions.  Vasco holds a Bachelor of Science degree and a Masters degree in Management. He has worked as District Education Officer for Nebbi district before being appointed Church of Uganda Provincial Education Coordinator. Vasco brings to UCE key competencies and gifts especially in areas of strategic planning, reporting and budgeting, team building, communication, and public relations.  He is also skilled in program and organizational management, and facilitating research and development activities.

Fr. Peter Masereka Kunama
Programs Coordinator, Kasese Office
Fr. Peter is a Roman Catholic priest of the Diocese of Kasese, Uganda, and a youth promoter. He was Ordained on July 30th 2011. He has a BA in Social and Philosophical studies and a MA in Theology. Currently he is ministering as the diocesan youth chaplain. He has also been a chaplain for the youth and legionaries in Kasese Cathedral Parish, and the Sports manager for Supper Star Football Club. These various capacities have helped Fr. Peter to know and to love the youth, who are potential leaders of today, tomorrow, and the future church. Through radio talk shows on Sunday and Tuesday, school outreach programs, youth games and sports, and other activities, Fr. Peter has helped to reach youth in many different ways. Fr. Peter is a football and volleyball  player and he enjoys playing those sports with the youth.