In the United States, UCE works to promote chastity by speaking to youth and adults at churches, schools, and special events, hosting an annual World AIDS Day event in Pueblo, Colorado, and by promoting Chastity Sunday, a day where priests are encouraged to speak about chastity from the pulpit. There are several ways UCE can work with you to teach or promote chastity:

1. Invite a UCE speaker to your youth group, parish, school, seminary, or special event

UCE speakers share their personal testimonies and can speak on a wide range of topics including: chastity, purity, true love, abstinence, fidelity in marriage, the medical and scientific argument for abstinence, pornography, masturbation, other common challenges to chastity, and how to start a chastity team in your own diocese or church.

UCE World AIDS Day 20122. Join UCE in World AIDS Week events 

You can join UCE for World AIDS Week by either volunteering to help, attending the main event in Pueblo, CO, or by starting an event in your own area.



3. Join UCE for Chastity Sunday

UCE can help your priests or pastors with chastity information, materials, and homily notes. We would be glad to meet with or talk with any interested clergy. Here you can see the various clergy who have endorsed UCE.



4. Visit a UCE program abroad

There are few things as powerful as an outreach, watching hundreds or sometimes thousands of youth commit to chastity. UCE teams love international volunteers. If you would like to discuss the possibility of visiting a UCE program or even arranging for a mission trip with the youth in your area, please contact UCE. There are occasionally opportunities to travel with the UCE Executive Director.