Chastity Pledges Signed!

 Fidelity in Marriage Pledges Signed!

UCE Burundi, led by Bishop Martin Nyaboho,  is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to reach out to the people of the area. The team uses the traditional outreach format that is used in Uganda, but adds several components that make it more effective in Burundi. Young leaders are identified from within the student bodies and given an intense weekend UCE workshop. These youth leaders then prepare the school for a UCE visit and continue with the message after the team has left.

Additionally, UCE- Burundi has pioneered the couples seminar understanding that old and young are affected by HIV/AIDS. The couple’s seminar is an important part of UCE training. There are approximately 20 couple’s seminars each year, one seminar in each parish in the Makamba diocese. Couples and speakers share different experiences and learn from the Bible about how a Christian couple should live, treat their spouse, etc. Other topics include: home family matters, faithfulness in marriage, HIV/AIDS, and prayer time.