Chastity Pledges Signed!

UCE Tanzania boasts an entirely volunteer staff, although this is something we hope to change so we can expand the project. UCE Tanzania adopted the traditional Ugandan outreach model, but as was the case in Burundi, they added their own components. UCE Tanzania was the first to pioneer UCE clubs. Each school they reach has a chance to form a UCE club. Students who are like minded can join the club and have a built in support group. Additionally, the team allows students to come into their offices, which were given by Bishop Ngalalekumtwa, and receive advice and counseling when they are having a difficult time. The Tanzania team is very vibrant, but UCE needs donations to keep the branch alive!


In phase 1, the team reaches out to secondary schools and colleges. The teams travel to schools to give a message of chastity and hope. They go with the attitude that they have 2-3 hours to give the students the most important message they will ever hear. This may be the only chance they have to reach these students, and they offer students the opportunity to commit their lives to God and to chastity.

In phase 2, the team holds seminars specifically for those who have signed chastity commitment cards. They are multi-school events where the youth gather to be strengthened in the choice they have made. The purpose of this phase is to continue to share more in-depth information on how students can protect themselves, build their life skills, train peer educators, and give them tools to succeed.

In phase 3, UCE clubs are formed. The purpose of this phase is to help the young people cement themselves in the decision they have made while preparing them for the challenges of life, and college. In this phase, the team provides counseling, psychological, spiritual, and moral support. They also work to build students’ self-esteem, life skills, and create a healthy, positive after-school environment for the students. UCE Tanzania has 16 clubs, with over 1,000 members. All UCE clubs have a UCE manual that is used to club meetings. This way, the UCE club leaders continue to share the message even when the team is not present. At meetings the students share their challenges, successes, questions, testimonies, and knowledge with their fellow students. Occasionally, clubs also travel with the team on outreach to perform skits on chastity for their peers.

Abstinence for Life, Universal Chastity Education (UCE) Club Njombe High School, Tanzania. Composed and performed by: Fredrick Godfrey and Shadrack Kamenya.

Through UCE books, which are written by team members, the chastity message continues to reach many people in Tanzania. UCE books are also being used by other organizations throughout the country.

“My name is Erica. I like reading books and among the books that you (UCE) have given me, I have learned a lot of things and increased my confidence as a girl. I know that only a few girls have received this kind of message and that I am among them. Many girls wished to get an opportunity to learn this, but unfortunately some of them have died without receiving it. Thank you God for this another opportunity to know about myself as a girl. I got a lot of benefits after reading UCE books, I cannot explain all of them, but two are self-discovery and self-control. I learned how precious I am, and how I was created to live a chaste life. Through chastity my value will increase day by day as a girl. Thank you very much and may God grant a blessing to all who participated in the development of the UCE manuals.”

Approximately 900 students receive individual counseling each year. Students receive 1 on 1 counseling on a wide array of chastity issues. Any student may request and receive counseling free of charge.