Where possible, UCE tracks the pregnancy statistics of schools we have visited. These are some sample statistics from schools UCE has reached with the chastity message. Pregnancy numbers are recorded before any chastity outreach, and then after chastity message saturation.

“Twelve schools in my area, where UCE has conducted outreaches since 2012, have recorded great reductions in the rate of teenage pregnancy. The pregnancy rate decreased from 17% In 2011 to 3% in 2013, after the UCE programs. The UCE program opened up a debate about true love and sex. Youths have been able to know not only the advantages of abstaining until marriage, but also the way of achieving it.”                                                                                   – Rev. Eshemeyo Wandoo, Education Coordinator, Mbale Diocese

Mubuku Valley Secondary School in Kasese, Uganda reported, “It was through Universal Chastity Education outreaches that our school reduced teenage pregnancies from 25 in 2009/2010 to 7 girls in 2011, then 3 in 2012.”                                                                                  – Mr. Kisembo Doviko, Headteacher, Mubuku Valley Secondary School, Kasese


School2009 Number of pregnancies pre-UCE message2010 Number of pregnancies post-UCE message saturation
Muyange High School
26 pregnancies
1 pregnancy
Kayogoro High School
49 pregnancies
3 pregnancies
Nyanza-lac High School
32 pregnancies11 pregnancies