Chastity Pledges Signed!

UCE Uganda has two offices. One in Kampala and one in Kasese, western Uganda. Each office serves as a ‘home base’ for UCE staff and volunteers. The teams complete administrative work and organize school visits before leaving on 7-10 day outreaches to rural areas and schools. The team and volunteers spend much time away from home, but they achieve the goal of reaching those who may be hearing the message for the first time.

A key component of the Ugandan success against HIV/AIDS has been reaching the youth with the message that their lives can be saved from HIV/AIDS through a decision to abstain from sexual activity until marriage and remain faithful in marriage thereafter. UCE has taken this message successfully to the radio waves, into churches, and into schools.

The first UCE Youth Outreach Event took place November 10-14, 2004 in Ntungamo and Wakiso Districts. Since that first event seven years ago, the UCE Team has visited fifteen Districts and had over 50,000 students sign UCE abstinence/faithfulness in marriage commitment cards.

Take a peek inside this raucous outreach to out of school youth deep in the Rwenzori Mountainsat Kyabikere, Kasese, Uganda. Outreaches are energetic, spirit filled events that include singing, dancing, drumming, prayer, and where youth receive a message of true love, forgiveness, hope, and learn about God’s beautiful plan for our lives. The video also includes a segment on a UCE Chastity Club, these clubs contain a number of activities that help youth to maintain their chastity commitments.

On Chastity
“ Many people have thought they were in love with someone else, gave themselves to that person in the most intimate expression of human love, then they were later discarded. Many people have heard the phrase, I want you, but all the person really wanted was a body, not a person, a sensation, not a commitment of life and love. Many people speak of making love without realizing that we cannot make love. God himself is love. We can only love in His love and in accord with His design… In chastity, a person strives for mastery of feelings and passions and takes responsibility for actions. Chastity gives great freedom: freedom from slavery to passions, freedom from any sexually transmitted disease, freedom from painful memories or regret of past relationship….”

Michael Bahinyoza, November 2004