Welcome to Universal Chastity Education A light shines from Uganda, AFRICA, where there has been the most remarkable reduction in HIV/AIDS prevalence of anywhere in the world. The Ugandans have successfully promoted to their youth a lifestyle of respect for sexuality and saving sex only for a faithful marriage. This is a virtue called chastity. Universal Chastity Education, Inc. is dedicated to these principles and to helping Uganda be victorious against HIV/AIDS and save lives. UCE is also committed to helping other countries achieve the same success by applying the Uganda AB (Abstinence, Be faithful) model in youth education in a manner sensitive to their unique culture. Chastity is an inexpensive prevention for the worldwide HIV/AIDS/STD pandemic and it does not separate an individual from their faith, rather it empowers it within them. Faith inspires. Hope is born. Health follows. Come, join us! Hear the Ugandan greeting… “You are most welcome here!” 452,437 Chastity Pledges Signed!

Enjoy a 6 minute video about UCE’s story below including its successful Christian approach to fighting HIV/AIDS in Africa.